Indiana Appeals Court to hear LGBT Discrimination Case

The full 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago will hear arguments that protections afforded by the 1964 Civil Rights Act should be expanded to also cover LGBT employees. The case was originally heard in July but the ruling was vacated by three of its judges citing that the landmark workplace discrimination law does … More Indiana Appeals Court to hear LGBT Discrimination Case

Morocco: Article 489

Whilst we’ve made strides in our fight for equality here at home in the U.S., people from many overseas nations have not been so lucky. In this case, 2 teenage girls from the North African country of Morocco. The girls, aged 16 and 17, face homosexuality charges after being caught hugging and kissing on a … More Morocco: Article 489


During the next day or two, the Team Lesbians blog will be undergoing more changes and updates. If you happen to visit us and run into any errors or have any trouble accessing content, this is likely the cause. We’ll let you know once it’s all done! Be sure to stay connected with us as … More Construction

A New Beginning

When I first created Team Lesbians in 2009, I had no plan, no end game, and no wherewithal. I simply wanted to be able to find other lesbians via Twitter (at the time). However, Team Lesbians quickly took on a life of its own and brought about so many wonderful interactions that I had no … More A New Beginning