:Who We Are:


We are so much more than a name; more than a brand, and more than an image. Team Lesbians represents us all! While it would take a book to describe us in our entirety, it suffices to say that we are you.


When Team Lesbians (TL) was first created in 2009, there was no plan, no end game. We simply wanted to exist in order to help find or connect with  other lesbians via Twitter (at the time). However, Team Lesbians quickly took on a life of its own and brought about so many wonderful interactions that we had no way of foreseeing.  Before long TL became a family with bonds that reached all over the world. We had the TL & Jumpoff Blog Talk Radio shows and soon thereafter, Lez Underground: our self-published, full-featured, digital magazine!

As a family we have met so many wonderful writers, singers, artists, and individuals throughout our journey – one of which we’ll never forget – that we couldn’t fathom not coming back. About a year and a half ago, life happened and TL sort of hung in the balance; however, all this time later we couldn’t let go of all the hard work we had put in nor could we let go of all the great people we had met. So without further adieu, we’re backkkk.

To all of our followers and friends in the United States, Nigeria, Kenya, Italy, the Philippines, and worldwide, we thank you for never giving up on us and for sticking with us through and through. We hope that you are as excited about what’s to come in the very near future, as we are! We’re starting from scratch and albeit slowly, we have big plans to bring you only the greatest. So stick around…we promise it will be worth your while!


You may have known us through our radio shows: TL & The Jumpoff, or you may have known us through our Lez Underground Magazine. These two projects quickly became our most popular! Though both projects sadly had to be shelved during the end of 2014; we’re excited to announce that they are both coming back and will be better than ever! Not only that, but we have a full slate of new and upcoming projects coming soon too!

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