It’s time to get into Formation

Protesters stand in opposition to Donald Trump’s presidential election victory in San Francisco, USA. —Photos: AP
Protesters stand in opposition to Donald Trump’s presidential election victory in San Francisco, USA. —Photos: AP

It’s been two months since the country shuddered on the edge of their seats wondering who would be ushered into the highest office of the nation. It wasn’t long into the night before it became clear that Trump would be the one. If you’re anything like me; the shock simmered slowly before the rage began to resonate. I hated those days. I hate these days. But this is what makes it all the more worrisome; the bad days are only now just beginning.

The initial shock may have worn off, but we’re less than a day away from Trump’s (I refuse to call him the “P” word) inauguration. Regardless of how crazy things have been lately. No matter the endless amount of reckless tweets he’s sent (and those still yet to come), things haven’t even begun to get real. That all will change tomorrow, the most dreadful day of 2017 – 20th of January.

If there ever was a time to buckle down and hold tight to your beliefs, that time is now. From this moment on, nothing will be easy. If love begets love, then it must also be true that the truth begets truth. The truth of this election is that Trump was never deserving or qualified for the highest office in the nation.

I’ve seen all you warriors out there, standing on the front lines fighting the good fight amongst the swarm of deplorable, bigoted lackey’s; fighting for the fair treatment and equality for us all. I’ve seen you call out those that would seek to keep us marginalized and oppressed. I’ve seen you spotlighting the truth when some would rather package it within a lie. Don’t stop. It may not get any easier from here, but the victory will be all the sweeter.

Do. Not. Stop.

The days ahead are going to be trying for us all, mainly for those of us who knew that Trump and Pence were bad news from the very beginning. He must be held accountable every step of the way and if we do not do it, who will? The direction of this country has always moved on course with the determination of its people. Now is no different. You may not have all of the answers. You, may not have all of the resources. However, collectively we have all of the power to exact the change that we all deserve.

I honestly hope you stand with me. I honestly hope that you’re ready to fight the good fight. We may not win every battle, but surely, we will win the war.

It’s time for the formation.

– Mali


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