White Privilege & Tomi Lahren

The Blaze's Tomi Lahren (screen grab)
The Blaze’s Tomi Lahren (screen grab)

Racist, dubious, and privileged are just a few words that spring to mind when speaking of Tomi Lahren; a right-wing, amateur commentator known for her show on the Glenn Beck Network – The Blaze.  For those not familiar with Lahren and her wildly racist antics, her popularity has soared across social media, making her one of the most watched extreme conservatives.

Lahren’s privilege bleeds throughout each and every one of her rants; from her anger over Colin Kaepernick’s silent protests, to considering the Black Lives Matter movement as the new KKK, to No DAPL. Nearly every issue taken up by Lahren has focused on race, every race but her own.

So why the focus on Tomi Lahren? She is not only unequivocally unqualified to comment on the issues affecting people of color, her anger fueled rhetoric is dangerous. Much like those that hide behind religion to condemn the LGBT community, Lahren instead hides behind the American Flag and a false sense of patriotism in order to condemn oppressed people of color. Only those so far removed from reality, can ignore and deny widespread oppression and marginalization, yet her viewership steadily continues to increase.

A depressing image of America is coming into view as “pundits” such as Lahren grow in popularity. This stands to be even truer with Donald Trump slated to become the next President of the US with a cabinet consisting of both racist and anti-LGBT conservatives. Thankfully, we still have people like Trevor Noah, of The Daily Show who took Tomi Lahren to the cleaners; calling her out for some of her most contradicting and racial comments. If you haven’t had a chance to watch the interview above yet, you’ll definitely want to. For the extended version, please click here.

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