What Trump’s Win says about America


America will not be today, what it was yesterday or the day before; nor will it be for the next 4 years.

Troubles are coming.

Trump’s win tells us a lot about America, its voters, its issues, and its majority.  But more importantly, it paints a vivid picture of OUR America, and by “our” I’m speaking of all people of color, the LGBT community, Muslim brothers and sisters, and any other minority or marginalized people. Trump’s win solidifies the dangerously racist, misogynistic, and divisive rhetoric of the entire country. The same rhetoric that we all have been oppressed by for centuries.

America is broken. The system is broken.

And to address such issues, America’s most xenophobic, racist, misogynistic, and greedy man gets elected to the highest office of the nation. I’d laugh if this outcome was not so damning.

The non-voters did not do this. The third-party voters did not do this. Racist America, did this and they did it well. I mean that literally. The outwardly, closeted, and racially biased people of America did this. The broken 2-party system did this. America not believing or being afraid to admit that sexism, racism, and discrimination do not exist, did this.

DENIAL did this.

So what does his win mean for us?

It means that we better start getting used to living in a pretty unlivable society. It means that we are all a marginalized people now, no matter what group we identified with as of yesterday. It means we better start getting geared up to fight this, because the only way to the other side is to fight straight through it. I mean it when I say that this America, today’s America, is not the one we awoke to previously. I’m not so sure that it ever will be again. What I am sure of though is that if we do not fight, we will surely sink. This is a dire time in American History.

– Maliyah

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